Agbodoroba Oghenetejiri

Product Designer

Oghenetejiri is a graduate of computer engineering from the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria. She began her career in building and administration with Soteria eye clinic. She transitioned into design after taking up a graphics designer role at a non-profitable organization. She is an experienced designer fascinated by relationship between human interaction and technology. She practices purpose driven design to connect brands to people.

She is known to be an innovative thinker who brings new and fresh ideas in every discussion she finds herself. She is experienced in using research and user experience design to create meaningful products.

Join Oghenetejiri as she will be delivering great insights and ideas on how to liftoff your design career.

Saturday 25th November 2023
Glover memorial hall




Your best self is realised in the marketplace

Day 1



Day 1


Keynote / Welcome Speech

Day 1


The Liftoff – The NGDX journey in the last two years

Day 1


Creating art that last generations

Day 1


Women in Design 2 – TBD panel / Keynote.

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