Kunle Ademosun

Adekunle Adenmosun is an award-winning advertising practitioner, distinguished not only for his multiple accolades but also for his dynamic approach as a creative professional. A seasoned creative storyteller, he possesses a remarkable ability to guide brands in crafting profound experiences with their audiences. Across his career, Kunle has been instrumental in conceiving impactful marketing communication campaigns that deeply resonate with the discerning tastes of contemporary consumers.

Having held the position of Deputy Creative Director at Insight, Kunle demonstrated his prowess by collaborating with multinational brands. Currently, as the Creative Director at Yellow Brick Road, he spearheads a talented team responsible for shaping the advertising landscape for a number of brands, including MTN Nigeria, the country’s largest advertiser. In this role, Kunle continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, driving innovation and excellence in every facet of creative communication.

Kunle Adenmosun will be live at the NGDX Liftoff to educate and elevate our consciousness.




Your best self is realised in the marketplace

Day 1



Day 1


Keynote / Welcome Speech

Day 1


The Liftoff – The NGDX journey in the last two years

Day 1


Creating art that last generations

Day 1


Women in Design 2 – TBD panel / Keynote.

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